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Britbore Mop

Britbore Mop

Britbore Mops are a simple, quick and effective solution for cleaning your shotgun barrels after a day’s shooting. Precision made in the UK from wool felt, they are disposable and biodegradable.

Britbore come in boxes of 30 mops and are available in sizes of 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauge.

By using Britbore, you will find that gun cleaning is no longer a chore. 


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Spray some solvent/cleaner inside your bores. Then use a cleaning rod with a phosphor bronze brush attached and rod through several times to loosen the powder and shot residue.

Remove the brush from the rod.

Push a mop into each chamber, giving them a twist as you push them in, as they are designed to fit tight.

Expect some resistance and squeaking as you push them through the bores with the rod.

These mops will be heavily soiled — please dispose of them responsibly.

To remove any light residue — push another mop into each chamber and rod through.

Finally, spray gun oil inside the bores and using the same mops — rod them through. This will coat your bores with a thin film of clean oil to protect them in storage.

Keep these mops to be used first the next time you clean your gun as they will only be lighted soiled.